Why is everyone trying to be a ‘Troy’

Is it just me or does our society seem to be going up the well in “Troy’s Bucket” by the…well…bucketloads? Wasn’t there a time when we were much cooler by being a Goonie? (Goonies – classic 80’s movie, and the movie in which I am deriving this post) There was a time in our music, fashion, and entertainment praised individuality….now everyone in High School dresses the same, all the music on the radio is homogeneous, and lets don’t even start with movie /moviestars

But don’t worry, there are some goonies still out there. Here are a couple to check out.

Movies – Pan’s Labyrinth (masterpiece by Guillermo Del Toro’ -warning: spainish w/ English subtitles)

Be Kind Rewind

Music – The Ponys/Turn The Lights Out

Phil Colins/Face Value (a blast from the past, just listen, I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face)

As Tall As Lions/As Tall As Lions

So put on your slick shoes and grab your inhaler, do a quick truffle shuffle, and go look for One Eye’d Willie! Celebrate what makes you different!


Deadliest Catch and “The Church”

What I learned about Church from the Dealiest Catch.

Ok so besides the prelim. similarities about the disciples being fishermen…I have some other observations.

(if you are unaware, Deadliest Catch is a documentary about crab fishermen)
These are in no random order. Some of these ae literal and some are metaphoric, have fun figuring those out.

Faith and Trust mean nothing until your life depends on it.

It can be bad for your health, relationships, and resources.

There is no room for dead weight….at all. (sometimes you have to cut and run)

It can be rewarding.

It is hard, dirty work, with little time for sleep or TV.

IT IS NOT GLAMOROUS (If it is you are just making noise w/ nothing to show for it)

People can die, everyday..many times accidently.

You have to speak truthfully and be willing to ‘hear’ truth, yes people in the real world do curse                (even in church sometimes)

Boats break down, Improvise.

You can throw out 50 pots and only catch 10 crab.  It takes the same amount of work to catch 10 as it does 1000.  You have to be willing to accept it.

Sometimes members of the same crew, fight.

Everyone eventually gets hurt.

Truth is Truth, but sometimes it comes in unexpected forms.

If you don’t watch your back, the very thing you love can destroy you.

These may seem a bit depressing, but not all news is good news. Read Habakkuk.

modern interpretations

Psalm [33:3]

“Sing (HOLLA) unto Him (GOD) a new song (NOTE: not to be confused with christian band Newsong); play skillfully with a loud noise.”( And RIP IT UP with a CRANKED MARSHAL STACK)

Dedication to Innovation

Paul Meany (Singer of the band, MUTEMATH) in reference to their new album, saying ‘Our goal is to EMBARRASS the first record, that’s what we’re trying to do here, and I think we’re on point to pull it off’.

Gosh, that’s such an awesome statement…..

(divided by 13)……

is the name of a small amp company out of cali. at the show last night, the guy onstage had one. I am now convinced it is the most useable, ‘holy grail’ amp made today. I’d can’t wait to play one for myself… especially the JRT9/15 and RSA/23.


Check ’em out all you gearheads….

Dabbs and Sixpence

So Rebek and I checked out the Sixpence None th Richer reunion show down at 3rd & Lindsley Sun. night. Yes, the band that soared to MTV stardom with Kiss Me and There She Goes. I must admit there new stuff is quite good, more mature and edgier, I guess thats what 10 yrs. will do for you.

But I was truly impressed by the openning act, Trent Dabbs. Whoa, his band was smokin’ in a groovy low key kind of way. I was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite Nashville guitar players, Paul Moak, was his sideman. Tasty, tasty licks…..

(BTW Paul Moak started playing guitar with Plumb at the age of 20, and has played on pretty much every major CCM release to this day…and produces more obscure artists in his own studio in town…including Trent Dabbs)

So if you want to rock out in a mellow way, check out Decade Fades by Trent Dabbs.

Warner Bros. Nashville, TN

So today I am hanging with my buddies down at Warner Bros. Nashville, TN studios. I am having a blast. This is what I want to do for a living!

I am sure most of these guys are very important in the music industry but I have no clue who they are.  Paul Worley is here who did the first two Dixie Chicks records, and has won two Grammy awards.  I am a little overwhelmed….