“Pay No Attention to What’s Behind the Curtain!?”

Remember that part of The Wizard of Oz? You know it’s when they meet the ‘wizard’ and Toto starts messing around with the big curtain to reveal a meek little man using a lot of smoke and mirrors to make himself seem bigger than life. The problem with the logic is that it works for some time until people start poking around deeper and deeper into you church, school, business, organization, etc. It simply isn’t enough to look good on the outside…people will eventually see right through it.

It reminds me of a recent trip my wife and I took to a popular mexican grill. (here’s a hint, they have burritos as big as babies and name entree’s after 80’s movies and sitcom characters). It was a wonderful meal. The steak Quesadilla was kicking, the cheese dip hot, and the coke was not flat. I said to Rebekah, um this is the best ____’s I have had in a long time! Before we left I went to the bathroom….um, I assume they weren’t expecting me. Let the pictures explain….

Hopefully these pictures aren’t too small to see all the grossness I found in there.  It didn’t get this way in a couple of hours.  Some of that ‘nasty ‘ was dried and caked on.  It was like layers of grime were built up on the sink…it was just a ‘hot, hot mess’.  So no matter how good the food was, this will make me think long and hard before I ever go back.  It just simply isn’t enough to look good,  the inside has to match the outside to effectively reach customers, students, employees, etc.  And especially churches, Are you simply ok with looking good on Sunday Morning’s or are you operating out of an overflow of what God is doing week in and week out in your staff, members, attenders, and organizational structure.  The truth is if you aren’t….your ‘curtain call’ may be right around the corner.


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Deadliest Catch and “The Church”

What I learned about Church from the Dealiest Catch.

Ok so besides the prelim. similarities about the disciples being fishermen…I have some other observations.

(if you are unaware, Deadliest Catch is a documentary about crab fishermen)
These are in no random order. Some of these ae literal and some are metaphoric, have fun figuring those out.

Faith and Trust mean nothing until your life depends on it.

It can be bad for your health, relationships, and resources.

There is no room for dead weight….at all. (sometimes you have to cut and run)

It can be rewarding.

It is hard, dirty work, with little time for sleep or TV.

IT IS NOT GLAMOROUS (If it is you are just making noise w/ nothing to show for it)

People can die, everyday..many times accidently.

You have to speak truthfully and be willing to ‘hear’ truth, yes people in the real world do curse                (even in church sometimes)

Boats break down, Improvise.

You can throw out 50 pots and only catch 10 crab.  It takes the same amount of work to catch 10 as it does 1000.  You have to be willing to accept it.

Sometimes members of the same crew, fight.

Everyone eventually gets hurt.

Truth is Truth, but sometimes it comes in unexpected forms.

If you don’t watch your back, the very thing you love can destroy you.

These may seem a bit depressing, but not all news is good news. Read Habakkuk.

modern interpretations

Psalm [33:3]

“Sing (HOLLA) unto Him (GOD) a new song (NOTE: not to be confused with christian band Newsong); play skillfully with a loud noise.”( And RIP IT UP with a CRANKED MARSHAL STACK)

Sometimes it sucks (it’s great) to be a Christ Follower….

The barna group (www.barna.org) recently posted a survey that found 1 out of 4 people would go to church if invited by a friend. While that does provide some positive news for the cause of Christ…it does provide us with some other stuff to chew on.

I assume this survey did not include wether or not the church in question was traditional, post-modern, contemporary, reformed, evangelistic, life-giving, pentacostal or non denominational or any of the crap christians like to fight and debate about. It simply says a friend’s invitation to church. It all comes back to relationships.

But what about the other 3 people. They aren’t just statistical data, they are friends. Friends, who despite your connection, either cannot see or understand your need for church or their need for a savior. There is tension in that statement that is real. It cannot be covered over by the draw of modern rock, slick banners, and designer jeans (all of which I am guilty of!)–they ain’t buyin’ it. It is a real life day to day struggle between your heart and your head. Somedays you want to serve them, somedays you want to just slap some sense into them, somedays you are an emotional wreck, and somedays you just want to give up. I want to give up….

And sometimes it gets even uglier…no matter what you may say or do, living out the Gospel will cause you to be labeled and despised by those you love the most. Labels like ‘Holier than thou’ or ‘Mr./Mrs. Perfect’ by refusing to dress like a slut and get wasted or not going with your buddies to the local strip club. Yes. sometimes being a Christ Follower sucks.
Christ experienced this, to a greater extent. He came to this world with compassionate salvation for all those who would call out to a savior. He was labeled a heretic, called names, and hated by much of the world. And in the end he accepted death as an innocent man, taking on all the sin of man…he was broken so that I may be fixed.

I cannot fix my firends but I can break. I find comfort in the fact that I can identify with my savior, all be it a much smaller scale. Despite the good news of the Gospel, it is foolishness to those who do not beleive.

Having unconditional love for a world that has potential to despise you is not a ‘sexy’ appeal but it is the life Jesus calls us to. It is not easy, Christianity is not a removal from this world but a plunge into its depth. I am a light in the darkness. I have purpose. I was made for something bigger than myself. Sometimes its great to be a Christ follower.

Philippians 1:29-30
Your courage and unity will show them what they’re up against: defeat for them, victory for you—and both because of God. There’s far more to this life than trusting in Christ. There’s also suffering for him. And the suffering is as much a gift as the trusting. You’re involved in the same kind of struggle you saw me go through…

It is done…

So I did it, I sold my beloved Bourgeois acoustic guitar.  For those that may be in the dark, these guitars are extremely nice.  Many a great Bluegrass and country picker endorse such a fine handbuilt instrument.  But for me, electric guitar is my bread and butter.  I just couldn’t justify having such a great acoustic and playing it a couple times a month, there are other things that my money can occupy.  So I sold it for what i bought it for, got a cheaper, yet still nice acoustic guitar and used the rest for A NEW MAC!   I am so excited.  I’ve put a few years on my Powerbook G4, although she still runs pretty good, for someone who pretends like they live on the bleeding edge, it just wasn’t cutting it.  So I’m  off to the web, craigslist specifically (ebay is my last resort these days) to sell my G4. When the new one comes, my blog will probably be geeked out with a bunch of “unboxing” photos. 

Jesus told stories…..

really good ones!  here is a link to Donald Miller, one of my favorite authors, talking about the importance of the story….   Wordpress is acting real screwy for me.  just copy and paste this. http://www.shine.fm/sf/audio/tower/DMClip.mp3