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goin’ to carolina in my mind…or for real…

Ok, Jeff Kapusta gave me a shout out on his blog..now I have to start blogging again.  Questions?????


1. YES.  I moved back to North Carolina.

2.  NO.  I do not live in Wilmington, at least not yet anyway.

3.  YES.  I loved Nashville and it was fun, but not home…

4.  YES.  I am going to start blogging again.

5.  NO.  It will be completely different.  This blog needs a purpose.  Yes I will impart some random thoughts now and again, but I am going to try and make this thing more productive.  MUsic oriented.  Album reviews.  gear reviews and videos.  practical advice for sound reinforcement and musicians tips and tricks.  Basically everything I have just enough knowledge of to be dangerous with.  If it falls flat, I will think about another ‘reformat’.  Stay tuned!!!!


My First two weeks…cool, wierd, and not so great things…

So this week was very interesting.

Have I mentioned yet that this is the first place I’ve moved where I haven’t had ANY good friends already living or going there….But I am slowly meeting new faces and the like. Still on the job hunt, but excited about the cold weather and the snow I saw yesterday….

Now for few observances:

the cool: My guitars are being set-up by a touring guitar tech who happens to be home for the holidays. Hs artist roster includes ZZ Top, Skynyrd, Rob Thomas, Third Day, Toby Keith, Lonestar, Sammy Hagar. I networked a little with Carrie Underwood’s guitarist, and a few guys from Building 429 and By The Tree. They all love gear as much as I do!!!Yeah!!!

the wierd: I promised Rebek I would take here to get something to eat at , Mallard’s, a little hole in the wall diner in town. I heard a waitress talking about “Squirrel & dumplin’s” , and then a lady that said her ex-husband has kids from her and her sister…yikes! Sounds like those kids may be a little messed up when they get older…..Needless to say, I don’t think I’m going back.

the not so great: I am not a fan of ‘bubble tea’. It may be the hottest thing in Cali, but I feel like I am drinking rabbit turds…I nicknamed it ‘turd tea’ (gross)I also miss all my friends in Wilmington, NC (single tear)

My first weekend playing with lifechurch.tv

So I’ve been in town a week and was asked to play (at the last minute) for their 4 weekend services.  I was a little overwhelmed at first (I attended there for the first time last Sunday morning, and to say their music was ‘good’ would be a complete understatement) .  They have a few strict rules about their worship band/tech team, but all in all it was a good experience.  Even though it is a small campus, they were on top of their game and everything done very professionally.      Most of their musicians play for a living around town and/or tour with other CCM artists.  I learned alot about what it takes to make it here as a musician, just in a couple of days.  I actually was able to network a bit and have a possible gig lined up wit a local CCM for a Nashville showcase, should be fun……I digress. As far as the service goes, it is a video campus which I was not very used too, but I am starting to dig it.  Lots of people around me and my wife’s age and share our same interests, made me feel a bit more relaxed.  I think we’ve found a church home…


ever heard of it.  neither had I until moving.  It is a joint venture of Coinstar and McDonalds.  Located only in McDonald’s restaurants, are ‘redbox’s’.  Each automated ATM like unit holds up to 500 copies of new and classic release DVD’s for rent. $1, yes that’s right 1$.  Pick your movie, swipe your card, get your movie, awesome! 

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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late to the ‘HEROES’ party

So I am late for this party as well.  I started watching he first season on DVD this weekend and i am hooked.  What a great show.  I really like how all the characters verge on the edge of good/bad, hope/despair, courage/fear.


Don’t get me wrong here, I love my iPhone and all its wonderfullness, but take a look at what Google is working on.  There is a cool video for us visual learners.Looks very interesting.Google Android 

Big Mac fan here.

Yes I am a fan of the ‘Big Mac’…not the one found at MickeyD’s but the one that is ‘Designed in Cuprtino, California’.  I am getting aquatinted with Leopard OSX 10.5.  It just feels better, more INTENTIONAL.             Side Note:, Intentional, is a big word for me this week..it has been my like the ‘gold coffee filter’ of my life lately.            So the new Apple Mail is what I am so excited about.  Once seen as a featureless answer to MS Entourage  it is now a feature rich, yet simple adversary.  I could go on and on about it but what makes it great is it actually assumes your next actions, it’s like it knows me…not in a weird stalker kind of way, but like a best friend or personal assistant, if you will.   I love it.  I love Mac.  I love Apple.