“Pay No Attention to What’s Behind the Curtain!?”

Remember that part of The Wizard of Oz? You know it’s when they meet the ‘wizard’ and Toto starts messing around with the big curtain to reveal a meek little man using a lot of smoke and mirrors to make himself seem bigger than life. The problem with the logic is that it works for some time until people start poking around deeper and deeper into you church, school, business, organization, etc. It simply isn’t enough to look good on the outside…people will eventually see right through it.

It reminds me of a recent trip my wife and I took to a popular mexican grill. (here’s a hint, they have burritos as big as babies and name entree’s after 80’s movies and sitcom characters). It was a wonderful meal. The steak Quesadilla was kicking, the cheese dip hot, and the coke was not flat. I said to Rebekah, um this is the best ____’s I have had in a long time! Before we left I went to the bathroom….um, I assume they weren’t expecting me. Let the pictures explain….

Hopefully these pictures aren’t too small to see all the grossness I found in there.  It didn’t get this way in a couple of hours.  Some of that ‘nasty ‘ was dried and caked on.  It was like layers of grime were built up on the sink…it was just a ‘hot, hot mess’.  So no matter how good the food was, this will make me think long and hard before I ever go back.  It just simply isn’t enough to look good,  the inside has to match the outside to effectively reach customers, students, employees, etc.  And especially churches, Are you simply ok with looking good on Sunday Morning’s or are you operating out of an overflow of what God is doing week in and week out in your staff, members, attenders, and organizational structure.  The truth is if you aren’t….your ‘curtain call’ may be right around the corner.


One response

  1. Janice

    Great post son – loved the ending. PS – remind me not to ever go to that restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May 12, 2009 at 5:13 pm

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