Why is everyone trying to be a ‘Troy’

Is it just me or does our society seem to be going up the well in “Troy’s Bucket” by the…well…bucketloads? Wasn’t there a time when we were much cooler by being a Goonie? (Goonies – classic 80’s movie, and the movie in which I am deriving this post) There was a time in our music, fashion, and entertainment praised individuality….now everyone in High School dresses the same, all the music on the radio is homogeneous, and lets don’t even start with movie /moviestars

But don’t worry, there are some goonies still out there. Here are a couple to check out.

Movies – Pan’s Labyrinth (masterpiece by Guillermo Del Toro’ -warning: spainish w/ English subtitles)

Be Kind Rewind

Music – The Ponys/Turn The Lights Out

Phil Colins/Face Value (a blast from the past, just listen, I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face)

As Tall As Lions/As Tall As Lions

So put on your slick shoes and grab your inhaler, do a quick truffle shuffle, and go look for One Eye’d Willie! Celebrate what makes you different!


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