Deadliest Catch and “The Church”

What I learned about Church from the Dealiest Catch.

Ok so besides the prelim. similarities about the disciples being fishermen…I have some other observations.

(if you are unaware, Deadliest Catch is a documentary about crab fishermen)
These are in no random order. Some of these ae literal and some are metaphoric, have fun figuring those out.

Faith and Trust mean nothing until your life depends on it.

It can be bad for your health, relationships, and resources.

There is no room for dead weight….at all. (sometimes you have to cut and run)

It can be rewarding.

It is hard, dirty work, with little time for sleep or TV.

IT IS NOT GLAMOROUS (If it is you are just making noise w/ nothing to show for it)

People can die, everyday..many times accidently.

You have to speak truthfully and be willing to ‘hear’ truth, yes people in the real world do curse                (even in church sometimes)

Boats break down, Improvise.

You can throw out 50 pots and only catch 10 crab.  It takes the same amount of work to catch 10 as it does 1000.  You have to be willing to accept it.

Sometimes members of the same crew, fight.

Everyone eventually gets hurt.

Truth is Truth, but sometimes it comes in unexpected forms.

If you don’t watch your back, the very thing you love can destroy you.

These may seem a bit depressing, but not all news is good news. Read Habakkuk.


One response

  1. Oh man! Does it do my heart good to read your blog again! Been missing the spiritual insights that God gives you to share withe the rest of us. We love you pal!

    June 9, 2008 at 2:21 am

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