NYE was off the chain (Pt. 2)

Ok…now for the cool stuff.

So I knew it was gonna be good when we got the tickets (tickets can be art)Photobucket

I meet this guy. His name is Chris McHugh…he has played drums for everyone and anyone in Nashville (Country, Pop, CCM).

He is currently out on the road with Keith Urban!


Tom Bukovac, the number 1 session player here in town and personal guitar idol walked in and played bass, yep, bass. I guess all the guitar positions were covered…needless to say he was amazing and sat/stood about a foot from us.

I bumped into Steve Wariner (famous country artist and guitarist) before we left (his son played guitar for Jedd Hughes Band and was quite awesome himself).

I think we were part of something pretty special last night, both artists were of a different country breed than most down here. It didn’t feel very hardcore country, it was like Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac on STEROIDS!!!!!Photobucket

One response

  1. duanemixon

    Nashvegas makes me sick!!
    Good Music and
    Amazing musicians around every corner….

    Enjoy my friend

    January 4, 2008 at 10:28 pm

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