My First two weeks…cool, wierd, and not so great things…

So this week was very interesting.

Have I mentioned yet that this is the first place I’ve moved where I haven’t had ANY good friends already living or going there….But I am slowly meeting new faces and the like. Still on the job hunt, but excited about the cold weather and the snow I saw yesterday….

Now for few observances:

the cool: My guitars are being set-up by a touring guitar tech who happens to be home for the holidays. Hs artist roster includes ZZ Top, Skynyrd, Rob Thomas, Third Day, Toby Keith, Lonestar, Sammy Hagar. I networked a little with Carrie Underwood’s guitarist, and a few guys from Building 429 and By The Tree. They all love gear as much as I do!!!Yeah!!!

the wierd: I promised Rebek I would take here to get something to eat at , Mallard’s, a little hole in the wall diner in town. I heard a waitress talking about “Squirrel & dumplin’s” , and then a lady that said her ex-husband has kids from her and her sister…yikes! Sounds like those kids may be a little messed up when they get older…..Needless to say, I don’t think I’m going back.

the not so great: I am not a fan of ‘bubble tea’. It may be the hottest thing in Cali, but I feel like I am drinking rabbit turds…I nicknamed it ‘turd tea’ (gross)I also miss all my friends in Wilmington, NC (single tear)


One response

  1. "yw"

    squirrel and dumplins – bubble tea – turd tea – nasty!!!!!! don’t take me there when I come to visit. glad to know your guitars are getting “star treatment”! Luv you and Rebek! PS – both of your pages are great!

    December 21, 2007 at 1:06 am

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