Big Mac fan here.

Yes I am a fan of the ‘Big Mac’…not the one found at MickeyD’s but the one that is ‘Designed in Cuprtino, California’.  I am getting aquatinted with Leopard OSX 10.5.  It just feels better, more INTENTIONAL.             Side Note:, Intentional, is a big word for me this has been my like the ‘gold coffee filter’ of my life lately.            So the new Apple Mail is what I am so excited about.  Once seen as a featureless answer to MS Entourage  it is now a feature rich, yet simple adversary.  I could go on and on about it but what makes it great is it actually assumes your next actions, it’s like it knows me…not in a weird stalker kind of way, but like a best friend or personal assistant, if you will.   I love it.  I love Mac.  I love Apple. 


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