Have you ever made a late night run to Wal-Mart?  You know the ones where you have to go pick-up important things things like toothpaste, toilet paper, a new XBOX controller? You know what I’m talking about, right?  Well, tonight was one of those nights.  I basically ran in with two things on my mind.   1) Make it Quick.   2) Try not to see anyone I know.    I kill at number one, I know the Wal-Mart layout like the back of my hand.   Number two is usually the hardest.  It seems like the more people I know in a store, the less presentable I am.  I went in wearing a faded shirt with multiple paint colors of the various rooms I have destroyed (painted)…some sandals and a pair of work out shorts.  Most people I can exchange minor pleasantries with and be on my way.  There are however some people who just seem to have things on their mind, and want to talk. One such person is a  Wal-Mart employee named Jason.  Jason has visited Lifepoint several times, and always stops me when I am at Wal-Mart to tell me how how he enjoys my guitar playing and how he wishes he could be there more.  At the same time, it looks like he has something on his mind he wants to talk about, and I never seem to have much time or patience to go any further into the conversation.  Needless to say I am trying to avoid him like the plauge…So I checkout, say goodbye to the greeter, and there in the lobby of Wal-Mart, I dropped my bags as I heard his name being spoken by another employee (he must be around the corner).  As I turned the corner I stopped, looked, breathed…and ran into a table with flowers on it.  I thought to myself that was close…until I looked at the table.  After that I made my way through the doors, got in the car and drove home.  BTW…..The table with flowers on it also had a picture of Jason Geeting (the employee I was referring too) on it.   It said Wal-Mart celebrates the memory of…….  Jason died last friday night of an epeleptic seizure, and I never had time to talk to him.     JESUS CALLS US TO LOVE, EVEN WHEN IT ISN”T CONVENIENT…and I’m learning it the hard way. 


4 responses

  1. jill

    wow, thats rough. 😦

    September 12, 2007 at 2:23 am

  2. Kevin

    I remember that night…

    September 12, 2007 at 4:20 pm

  3. Kevin

    Ok, so I read the first line and thought I’d attempt to be funny…

    You know Kevin, (The Joke destroyer) showed up from Liberty. Please forgive my ill timing.

    September 12, 2007 at 4:23 pm

  4. jbk

    Just concentrate on those times that you did talk with him and know that something you said to him or that sweet smile you gave him just might have changed his life and for that very reason he’s home with Jesus!

    September 12, 2007 at 11:01 pm

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