gear changes

I’ve gone through a bit of a transformation lately.  What I thought I liked (as far as guitar equipment goes) has come into question.  Don’t get me wrong, there will always be love in my heart for the little guy who builds guitars and amps in their woodshed out back or their spare bedroom.  That being said, I’ve made ‘two off the shelf’ purchases as of late.  Let me start by saying, I’ve been feeling the itch to sell and trade some stuff lately, and down-size a bit.  So after all was said and done, I had an overflowing Paypal account.  I could’ve bought the latest and greatest ’boutique’ gear and had intended to.  So i went looking for amps…..what did I come home with……a Fender.  You heard me right.  Thing is I absolutely love it, and I can’t believe.  The principle of the matter was there is no way this thing sounds as good as amps two or three times this price.  It does, I had a fellow guitar buddy with me and we both we’re in shock.  While it’s probably the most expensive, new model Fender amp, it still isn’t as hard to find as a Dr. Z (what I had sold) or a /13, etc. So if you are a gearhead, check out the Fender Super-Sonic combo.  You won’t be disappointed.  BTW I got a killer deal at Guitar Center, which is another oddity in itself. 


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  1. bubba

    Wow! That is cool! Your buddy sounds awesome! Has he been your buddy for a long time? Is he one of your bestest buddies? Is he an awesome guitarist? Like one of the best in his family?

    He sure sounds keen! I wish I had a buddy like that buddy.
    Do you like chocolate milk?, cuz I like chocolate milk!

    I have to go now, I hear them coming down the long hall. Bye.

    September 5, 2007 at 12:27 pm

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