I’m here now!

I am now HERE! At chadking.wordpress.com that is…I haven’t posted in a while, but new things to come. LOTS of new things to come actually. Be praying for Rebekah and I as we take a load off to rest, travel around a bit to vacation and see friends, jam a bit with some music buddies, and get fresh renewal from God.

AND it will be in a *new* location- right here. Lifepoint is in the game for lots of new things this fall actually…a new rocking student ministry called Ignite, new volunteers plugging in, kicking off the children’s ministry with an awesome girl Tiffany as the Children’s Ministry Director, and a new worship ministry leader Drew Naska.

Over the next days and weeks to come Drew will be taking over Lifepoint’s worship blog here– so stay tuned for posts, updates, and probably a much-needed graphic facelift!

So….. without futher ado- Chad King’s blog has now moved to chadking.wordpress.com. Right now they’re pretty much the same posts here, but I’ll be updating soon.


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