So as a Christ follower, what does that mean.  I have been wondering alot lately because we (the christian collective) tend to throw the word around very flippantly.  I think we use it as some form of Christianeese.  It has become as common as “I’m praying for you”,  or “God is Good”—in that I mean that most times we don’t pray for them or really believe He’s good all the time.  If someone’s going through a rough time, or in a bad situation, or something isn’t going your way……”Oh man, you just gotta be faithful it will work out”, “You gotta keep the faith, keep on keepin on”, “Remain faithful and blah blah blah”.  (Go with me here, I have a point- I promise)

So maybe, just maybe the problem is we have just enough faith to keep us in limbo.  We aren’t being faith-full at all, on the contrary we are faith-‘less full’.  We have enough faith to commit to where we are and what we’re doing, and stay in place, in our mess, etc.— when real faith calls us to obedience to follow God’s lead.  You can be faithful  in doing many good things — like serving in your local homeless ministry,   but if you are called to global missions, that won’t cut it and you know it.

Do you have just enough faith to keep you where you are or where YOU WANT to be or do you have the faith that will take you where GOD WANTS you to be?

Being truly FAITH-FULL to God can be dangerous, he will call you to places you don’t want to go, do things you’d rather not do, deal with issues you’d rather sweep under the rug, and LOVE PEOPLE you’d rather not love.


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