loud and clear

man, today was an adventure. our worship arts ministry went full steam ahead on a new monitoring system. long story short, it’s an in-ear, ‘mix to your taste’ system. we trained on it for a couple hours on saturday and went ‘live’ with it today. (by the way: props to everyone involved! you rocked!)

one phrase can sum it up: “it’s awesome, but it’s honest”

nothing can describe the freedom of hearing exactly what you want, when you want, and how loud you want. the hard part is you hear exactly what you sound like. every wrong note, bad harmony, off-time drum fill….it’s all there in perfect hi-def digital sound!

it’s alot like those times when God speaks directly into our lives. “it’s awesome, but it’s honest”. yes you are hearing the proverbial voice of God, but sometimes….it hurts. all to often he points out the ‘wrong notes’ of our lives and although honest…..it can sting.

what’s great about both of these instances is that it makes you better. pointing out your imperfections, whether they be musical or spiritual, you learn from your mistakes.

are you listening, is it coming through loud and clear…


One response

  1. good word bro. keep it up. by the way… you and your wife are two of the most talented musicians i have ever met. you rock.

    February 15, 2007 at 3:21 am

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