Altars and thrones

1590521536-small.jpgI just started reading this awesome book- if you’re a little attention deficit then this Louie Giglio book is a great read. Short and sweet, practical, written in a way that when  you read it, you just say, “Wow, that was so simple and makes so much sense to me!” Lightbulb moments begin to happen.

The Air I Breathe paints a vivid picture of how we were made by God and for God. Everybody worships something, it’s born in us…Pastor Jeff says it all the time- we are prewired to praise something. Louie sums it up just in the first chapter when he says, “Worship is simply about value….Worship is our response to what we value most.” It fuels us and motivates all we do- whether we are religious or not.

“Worship is the activity of the human soul.” 

It’s anything that is worthy of our affection, attention or allegiance. It’s all the time- whether it’s the golf course, the new promotion you just got at work, a Braves game, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a new car. It’s not merely singing, playing an instrument, dancing, painting, or anything else artistic that we often label as “worship” or “worship time.”

 We exist for one purpose alone- to reflect back to God His matchless glory. It’s easy to say “I worship God” or “I value my time spent with God most” or “I go to church.” But do I really mean that? I mean really really? Is my time, priorities, commitments, talents, and treasures aligned with what I say I value most? The fact is we’re all busy, we’ve all got stuff going on, we’ve all got rough situations we go through that are often painful and test our faith. And it is often in those times that really tell what we value- where our altars are.

Louie says that everybody has an altar…and every altar has a throne. Eventually you will find out where that throne is if you examine your own heart; you’ll begin to think about what it is you value you most- where you spend the most time. And if that throne is anything other than God and the things of Him, then we end up not doing what we were created to do, we get distracted, we get bogged down with life instead of experiencing the true joy that only comes in living out worship to God.

I want to challenge you to get this book! It is an incredible look into helping us realize what it really means to live out worship as a lifestyle. It’s something I try to remind myself of daily. You won’t be disappointed and you definitely won’t be bored! -rk


One response

  1. Mom

    Thanks Rebek – I’m buying it tomorrow.

    February 3, 2007 at 7:23 am

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