My Super Sunday!

I was on inspiration overload yesterday!  lifepoint was just off the chain…..lots of new faces, kicking music, Jeff rocked it hard.  The first ten minutes of his message were enough to send my head and heart spinning….and from what i’ve heard from other peeps…there were many non-believers there who probably expierenced the presense of God for the first time.  That is something to truly celebrate.  My prayer for lifepoint is that we continue to expose people to life full of Jesus…

In other news, the day concluded with 2 hours of 24.  Jack was a welcome addition to my day….he didn’t say much but what he did say…?  weh!  lots of pent up emotional baggage to unpack.

So what can I say….my brain and heart were racing throughout the day…..2 more hours of 24 tonight!

…see ya later.


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