I guess it’s my turn…..

So everyone here at lifepoint is posting their goals for 2007.  No doubt, for some extra added accountability.  But for me, honestly, I’ve been racking my brain about it for some time now.  It’s not that I don’t have any, I do, its just hard for me to rise above the ‘jammed airports’ of right now, and sit at ‘air traffic control’ to see how things are and where I need to be.

And now, I have come to the answer that works for me.  Lists have never been my thing.  As a kid, I could accomplish things on a list, but still feel like I hadn’t gotten anywhere…I hadn’t really learned anything. (A quick pause here.  what I just said was pertaining to my goals, but can easily be applied to our faith as well.  How many times have you treated you Christianity as a ‘list’ and completed it, feeling no closer to Jesus than when you started……hum???)   -breathe-  As I was saying, lists aren’t nec. my thing.  what I have so far is a simple statement, but it speaks volumes to me…it resonates in my soul. (Hold your breath…here it comes!)



Ensure that my actions are consistent with my values.




It may not look like much, but I promise there are vast amounts of knowledge in that statement.  If I say I may value my wife, then my actions should prove that.  If I say I want to lose 50lbs. then my diet better show it.  If I want to grow musically, then my guitar strings will need to be changed everyday (a bit of guitar humor).  You get the point?  I’m pretty sure if I stick to my guns here… whatever ‘list’ I come up with will no doubt be completed.



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  1. So what are your values?

    January 5, 2007 at 9:57 pm

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