christmas over, visions of 2007 in my head

Here is a look at the 2007 vision for Rebekah’s goals:

1. start off every day with God and spend more time in scripture
2. read One Year Bible through
3. spend more time learning about what the Bible has to say about worship (psalms, etc)

1. find creative ways to honor and submit to my husband
2. find creative ways to date my husband besides food and a big screen!
3. spend more time praying and learning God’s Word together

1. lose 50 lbs by august (beachwear!) and feel in better shape
2. 4 days cardio/2 days toning
3. eat right (less sugar, fried/fast foods, more water, smaller portions)

1. read 2 spiritual books a month
2. read 1 leadership book a month
3. spend less time on the computer at night

1. develop other leaders (band/vocals)
2. build more relationship with team (encouragement/support)
3. play more to strengths

1. get out of debt
2. help free up more time to do things chad and myself love to do (time management)
3. tame my over anal-retentiveness, ask first more =)


One response

  1. JBK

    I like your Vision for 2007 goals – you will succeed because your spiritual goals are in the right order. Just wonder … do you have an accountability partner yet?

    January 2, 2007 at 10:43 pm

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