Another year over, a new one just begun…

We have had a wonderful Christmas with lots of love and joy. We were able to spend Saturday night opening gifts with Chad’s parents before we went out of town. So we enjoyed an awesome Christmas Eve service- this one was really special and it was great to see friends, amazing volunteers, and family there. God showed up in a big way!

Now fast forward to about 1:00pm Sunday afternoon- we rushed to our apartment, dumped off some of our stuff, grabbed the suitcases, drove to Raleigh Durham Airport, and whence the fun began. It was not the most enjoyable experience- that whole plastic baggie thing and only being able to take certain amounts of prescriptions or baby formula and no lotions or liquids…yeah PAY ATTENTION TO THOSE RULES! We got to the line before the checkpoint and the security lady was going through Rebekah’s purse, and unfortunately they are pretty hardcore about the 3 ounces only of certain products (like baby formula, etc.) THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE LOTIONS, PEOPLE. Rebekah had to toss her half used Aveda hand lotion (which is good stuff by the way) and her new Victoria Secret lipgloss…They missed one in counting, so at least she still has one thing of lipgloss! Shh don’t tell. So we’re there 3 hours before our flight, but then our flight left an hour late, so not cool. But oh well, what can you do? I think there was bad weather wherever our flight was coming from. So we flew to Dallas, Texas where Rebekah’s parents and 2 siblings live, were grounded about 20 minutes on the runway because there was another plane at our gate. You feel so helpless. But alas, we made it, and were welcomed by rain and Rebekah’s dad and sister. It was a late night of opening Christmas gifts as a family which was fun, and the next day it was on the road to Rebekah’s mom’s side of the family in the Austin area- also interesting since her mom is one of 12 in a hispanic family and there are at least 30 grandchildren I think…stayed there for Christmas Day and left on Tuesday thru Thursday to be with Rebekah’s dad’s family in the Houston area. Again pretty fun, but hectic with lots of driving, and Rebekah’s family is all very musical, so I’m not used to lots of people around the piano singing! But it was pretty cool and neat to see all the family singing old hymns and a little southern gospel!

Fast forward again to today, Thursday, and we’re headed back to Dallas finally to hang out for the last couple days with Rebekah’s parents Kent and Susie, and her brother JT (17) and sister Olivia (14). Let’s just say we have met our quota for the year with the roadtrips. We’ll be back on Saturday in the good ‘ole Raleigh Durham, and home sweet home in Wilmington. We are so thankful to have such wonderful family who love and support us and give us their constant prayers! It has been quite an interesting year of ups and downs, excitement, anticipation, and we are positive more are to come…we still can’t believe this year is about over and a new one is just beginning…


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  1. Mom

    Dad and I love you both so much and you make us proud each day. I know 2007 has lot’s of excitement in it and we too are anxious to see how God works through Lifepoint and you and Rebek! See you today – by the way what flight are you on?



    December 30, 2006 at 5:35 pm

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