You can’t do the job without the Gear!

I have to admit, I am a total gearhead. As such I thought it would be cool to share some of the gear I use with everyone. Plus I get asked “what I play” after almost every service.

Guitar: for the most part, I am playing a tele style guitar with humbucking pickups instead of the standard single coil. It is made by John Suhr. He is a custom builder out of California that has a long history of guitar and amp building, most notably he held a position at the Fender Custom Shop. What makes this guitar special is the compound radius fretboard (easy on the hands and fingers) and also the fact that the dual humbucking pickups can be ‘split’ to sound like single coils, and oh yeah it has a wicked sweet ‘drip finish’. Suhr guitars.

Amps/effects: This is where things get ‘fuzzy’ (a little guitar humor). For convienece and volume sake, I normally use an amp modeler onstage. Line6 PODxt Live is my unit of choice these days. Line6 gear can be heard on any major record label release to date. Just take a listen to any Lincoln Brewster record and you can see how good it sounds. Line6.

While it does a good job, nothing feels like playing through a killer tube amp. I have a Dr. Z RXES. Dr. Z amps are hand made in Ohio with painstakingly selected parts, and competetive prices. They are a true ‘modern vintage’. My particular model was co-designed by country picker, Brad Paisley, but don’t let that fool you….this amp rocks. And its loud…real loud! But that goes hand in hand with playing electric guitar, right? Dr.Z amps.

As for effects, there are many companies I like. Xotic effects are great and so are Fulltone custom effects.

Now go Rock!!!!


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