50 things you didn’t know about Rebekah

1. I don’t like seeing people wear brown and black together

2. I just dyed my hair closer to my natural color

3. I could eat rice all the time

4. My all-time fave Artist, Duo or Group is The Carpenters

5. I love proofreading and editing because I’m pretty good at it. (Yes I was the kid who proofread her yearbook in high school and corrected if people signed in pencil)

6. I am anal retentive and ok with it

7. I love the stations that play Christmas music all day long, starting 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.

8. I love spaghetti

9. I enjoy watching Saved By The Bell re-runs and own Season 1 on dvd

10. I have 5 Trading Spaces do-it-yourself books

11. Rearranging a room and designing a look for it is fun for me

12. My favorite movie is While You Were Sleeping

13. I hate it when people don’t use their turn signal

14. My maiden name is Arrendell

15. My mom is 1 of 12 siblings, born from a Hispanic catholic family

16. I had short hair before it was “cool” in 4th grade at a new school and people called me Elvis.

17. I have one brother, 17 and a sister 14

18. My husband Chad makes the best grilled chicken and pasta dish

19. I LOVE peanut butter on my pancakes

20. I enjoy being challenged

21. I can be pretty tender-hearted

22. I like to be independent (something I am trying to rein in a little)

23. My 1st grade teacher was like 70 years old

24. I also decided it would be smart to take my Math worksheets I made bad grades on and flush them down the toilet in the 1st grade

25. I kicked a girl in kindergarten for being mean to me- too bad I had on cowboy boots and she had bruises the size of hockey pucks the next day on her shins

26. I had a super stage-dad/vocal coach growing up (but I appreciate his nudging now)

27. I love seeing people baptized and the symbol of new life in Christ

28. The worst gift I got as a kid was a plastic open bible with a cross shooting out of the center and a clock in the middle of the cross

29. I would make up choreography and sing along to Reba McIntire tunes in my room

30. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas

31. I also lived in Florida, Tennesse, Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina

32. I used to wear the colored Bongo jeans with Sam and Libby shoes and alternating sock colors over my jeans

33. I owned the Topsy Tail at one time

34. I am all about some Toto songs

35. I love the opening guitar riff of Sweet Child ‘O Mine

36. Chad makes me laugh

37. I enjoy babysitting

38. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a Music Minister

39. I love passionate people

40. My favorite tv show is 24

41. I can’t stand too many tv remotes

42. I don’t like Christian songs or products that take a verse way out of context

43. I had 7 bridal showers before I got married

44. I am all about the Ginger Honey Shake from Port City Java

45. I miss Nashville during the fall

46. I met Stephen Curtis Chapman backstage before he was big and still had a mullet

47. My dad was on episodes of Hee Haw and led music every Sunday for the worship services held inside the park at Opryland

48. I opened for Bob Carlisle of “Butterfly Kisses” in the 8th grade

49. I opened for “Jake the Snake” at a youth rally after he became a Christian

50. I have to go to a job interview now.


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