an early gift…

So, if you don’t know me very well…..I really like Christmas movies!  No…I really, really LOVE Christmas movies!  I am a sucker for them all.  You have your standard “Rudolph” and “Charlie Brown”, and the ever popular, “Christmas Vacation”—Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie crack me up!

But there is an extra special place in my heart for the lesser known specials.  “The Year Without a Santa Clause”,  “He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special”, “Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey” (no I did not make that one up), all classics in my eyes.  But the one that stands out above the rest, “Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas”.  Man, this little gem has traveled under the radar since the late seventies.  It is a Jim Henson masterpiece (the same guy behind the muppets).  It is all about love, music (rock and bluegrass—what a combo), and family.

I adore this story, and guess what….I finally got it on DVD.  Long story short, I had it then lost it, and thought it went the way of many an unpopular special never to grace the world again.  But I have it!  It was an early gift from my wife, which is exactly what I was trying to get to…

I probably don’t say it enough but my wife is the best thing in this world that has ever happenned to me!  I thank God for her everyday!!!!  She is so incredibly wonderful!  She sees who I am at my core and knows all my little quirks and still loves me just the same.  The DVD may have only been $14.99 but to me it is more precious than diamonds or pearls…because it came from her heart.   Sorry if I got too sappy for all you out there in blog land.

Rebek, LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!  Thanks for my early gift!

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  1. Hannah

    Hey Chad,

    I have had a hankerin’ to watch some good ol’ school Muppet Show episodes– do you have any of those? I love me some muppets. My mom has some on VHS tapes from back when my sibs and I were kids, but they’ll probably never be found again. Same thing with the Care Bear cartoons, such a shame.

    I will remember the Care Bear Stare.

    December 12, 2006 at 5:39 pm

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