TAXI Driver

So last night I was out downtown…late!  Real late!   No, not what you’re thinking…but what was I doing down there  ’til 1AM…..well come Sunday and find out.  Back to my story…

So I met this TAXI Driver,  normal looking guy, owns two taxi’s, who offers his services to the less than sober masses that consume the streets of  downtown Wilmington every thursday night.  He was pretty interested in what we were doing and proceeded to start a slightly awkward conversation.

TAXI Driver:  “You seen that kid from that show, One tree Hill, out here tonight?

Me:  “Nope,  I usually see those guys in Best Buy, I’ve actually seen them there a couple of times.”

TAXI Driver:  “Well…someone said they saw him out here.” (I later found out he was talking about a kid I’ve only known as Minkus from Boy Meets World who is now on that tree show- nonetheless he was there and walked by us.)

Me:  ok..  –nerveously

TAXI Driver:  “You know they were gonna try to launch that shuttle (Space Shuttle actually) tonight, they do it a night nowadays, you know.  Yep, but ah it may be too cold…”

Me:  Really!?

TAXI Driver: “Oh Yeah, and if go to Level 5 (a local rooftop bar/club in Wilmington) and look real close, you can see it!”

Me:  Huh?

awkward silence that seemed like an eternity-

TAXI Driver:  “Well…I need to get back over here now……anyway….I hope you get to see it.

walks away-

For those of you who like clousure and a moral..well I’m getting ready to burst your bubble.  But, somewhere in that conversation, the Holy Spirit did show up, and spoke to me in a powerful way…do you see it?  How did it speak to you?



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