Silly string and the Holy Spirit?

So I was perusing some articles on the net, as I often do, and came across a story about one interesting New Jersey mom who has found hope in silly string. You can read the full story here. Often called “crazy string” or “party string,” no, this stuff is not just for kids looking to have a good time with their pastor’s house. (Don’t get any ideas.)

Turns out she learned from her son who is a soldier in Iraq that silly string can actually be used to help combat effectively while in the force. Before entering a building, troops can actually spray some of this goo in a can, which, mind you can be shot 10-12 feet away- and if it falls to the ground it’s safe to go inside. If the string hangs in the air, they know there’s probably a trip wire and this could be a problem, because otherwise the trip wires are almost invisible. This mom was so gung-ho that she has rallied her church and the community to collect thousands of cans so a private pilot can take them over to the troops.

Isn’t the Holy Spirit alot like silly string? I’m thinking that Jesus was incredibly on top of things to give us a guide, a helper, a standby, so that we can take comfort in knowing there is someone going before us- helping us have discernment about situations, what we say and do, help for every day life. He knew what we needed. Troops aren’t the only ones that are unsure of what’s out there- so are we. As we daily struggle and press on to live for Christ, we know that we are not abandoned, not orphaned, as Jesus puts it.

But alas, there’s always a skeptic in the crowd- like Thomas who said, “How are we supposed to know where we’re going? How are we supposed to know the way?” This dude is freaking out. As Jesus is talking to his disciples, he’s reminding them “I am the Way,” “have faith in ME.” And then he gives them (and us) hope. In John 14 he says this:

16Then I will ask the Father to send you the Holy Spirit who will help you and always be with you. 17The Spirit will show you what is true. The people of this world cannot accept the Spirit, because they don’t see or know him. But you know the Spirit, who is with you and will keep on living in you. 18I won’t leave you like orphans. I will come back to you. 19In a little while the people of this world won’t be able to see me, but you will see me. And because I live, you will live. 20Then you will know that I am one with the Father. You will know that you are one with me, and I am one with you. 21If you love me, you will do what I have said, and my Father will love you. I will also love you and show you what I am like.

Before he was about to leave this world, Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit kinda like how we have silly string. We have it to know what could be out there and how how to deal with it, and his Truth is prodding, nudging, whispering along the way so we can know where to step and not be marooned by trip wires. And as we listen more, spend time with him more, Jesus tells us that he will most definitely reveal to us who he is and remind us of what he has taught us in his Word. And the peace that the Holy Spirit brings is unlike any other in this world- so we don’t have to be afraid and don’t have to worry. How cool is that? Keep your silly string close at hand and you’ll be ready for anything. Stick close to the Holy Spirit and you’ll know where to step.



One response

  1. Eddie

    Rebekah, what an excellent analogy! Thanks for hearing Him so clearly and then passing on the message to the rest of us. wow!


    December 8, 2006 at 4:33 pm

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