Things that bug me…(and all other worship leaders!)

This is a short list of things that frustrate most worship leaders in regards to the ministry they lead.  So listen up all you team members out there in blog land.

1.  After you finish a song, don’t stop – look at your music and turn the page to the next song.  First off, it’s a huge interuption when trying to transition  without losing momentum.  Second, it shows your lack being prepared.

2.  Don’t ask me 20 min. before the service starts, “How does this song go again?”  First…that really, really irks the mess out of me.  Second, again it shows your general disdain for what you do, and lack of being prepared.  Some people ‘ride their talent’ b/c they can…but most of the time they really aren’t using their talent, they are just playing what is easy for them.

3.  Don’t ever, ever blow off practice.  Practice is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure you are prepared for the time of worship.  Both personal and corporate practice is where your receive direction and focus attention on what you are doing, so that you can actually ‘take part’ (spiritually speaking) in a worship service.

4.  Don’t ask for special treatment.  It’s not fair to the rest of the team who is not receiving such ‘special treatment’.  Always look for ways to make it easier for you to follow guidelines instead of always challenging them (guidelines are there for a reason).

5.  This one REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!  Don’t be late to rehearsal or soundcheck, especially if you don’t call first.  Nothing says “my time is more important than your time” than being late.  Serving is not about putting your needs ahead of others it is about putting others first. Also, being on time is being a good steward of your time/talent God has given you, and also is courteous to your team who IS on time- this helps the whole team in being effective and efficient as possible to get ready for the service.

To close, if this blog has frustrated you or raised some aggressive thoughts, then most likely you are guilty of one or all of these things.  Sit back, take a deep breath, and really evaluate what you do and how you perceive how you serve.  It is a great honor and priviledge to serve the Lord, especially in such a public way as leading others in worship.  That’s right all you band members and back-up singers, and even sound techs…you are ALL WORSHIP LEADERS…everything you do from plugging in a cable to rockin’ the all contributes to worship, the worship experience for others, and the general vision of the church.

I know all these things because I am guilty of everyone of them.  It wasn’t so long ago when I in fact did commit all of these worship team no-no’s  Always remember, what you do is not a task or just filling a role, but a ministry.  So shape up and be a helping hand to your leader instead of that tag in the back of their shirt…you know the one that just keeps rubbing, and itching and irritating until one day you just RIP IT OFF!!! ( I hope my mental image isn’t too graphic!?)


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