Dec. 3rd “Controversial Christmas” kickoff

You’re not going to wanna miss this Sunday, Dec. 3rd– we’re kicking off a series that is going to be, well, controversial…We’re taking quite a different look at The Christmas Story- and no, we don’t mean the one that is a marathon on TBS or ABC Family. Pastor Jeff is going to spin us a very cool and thought-provoking version of what went down during the whole tale of Jesus’ birth.

*Some cool songs we’ll be starting up the first Sunday of the series…

Yesterday Today & Forever
Joy To The World
Glorious One

** Now, I would put up our set for our first ever United service this coming Sunday evening, but you’ll just have to come check it out. It’s gonna be an awesome time of worship, communion, baptisms, and a brief message from Jeff in a combined, more intimate gathering of our morning services.

Like I said…You don’t wanna miss! Be there at 6:30pm this Sunday at Myrtle Grove Middle. See ya there!


One response

  1. Mom

    I will be praying for the entire staff of Lifepoint Church as Pastor Jeff kicks off this sermon series. I wish I could be with ya’ll on Sunday evening – I know it will be a great time of celebrations!

    November 29, 2006 at 1:57 am

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