I like Halloween. You can like it too!


It’s ok to be a christian and like halloween! weh…I said it……
I like halloween, I always have. Haunted houses, costumes, candy…uh hum…..CANDY!, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown tv special. the smell of a new plastic costumes from Wal-Mart.

I won’t go into any arguments about pagan history or why christians shouldn’t do this or that but I will give a list of ways to enjoy halloween!

1. Don’t hand out tracts instead of candy.

-trust me, I know of no kid who gave their life to Christ b/c of this but I do know of a few houses being egged and TP’d (personal experience)

2. Do give out the full size candy bars.

-Snickers and Reese’s are the best, your good deed will not go unnoticed!

3. Give your kids creative license with costumes.

-If they want to be the first ninja fireman..so be it……don’t make them go as Moses or Jesus…and especialy not angels (angels always end up looking like tinkerbell or ghosts anyway)

4. Help your kids make their costumes.

-celebrate the creativity God has given us! I once saw a kid with a Dr. Octopus costume (Spiderman 2). He and his dad made it an it was awesome to say the least…much better than any store bought costume.

5. Have a good laugh!

-no matter its history, halloween has become a celebrated event, so let’s treat it as such…and have a good chuckle.


One response

  1. Mon

    Glad you put that in writing – hope those folks that do not believe in it – read it!

    November 1, 2006 at 4:09 pm

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