Living in 10 (sin) hun.

Sometimes its hard to live in the tension of the who God is. It would be much easier if I could ‘pitch my tent’ in one camp or the other, but thats not the case.

“The same GOD that hates sin is also a merciful lover.” –mckinley

This is where I struggle day in and day out. By placing him soley on one side or another I try to control him, if you will. But the truth in there is where my sin starts. God is in control, and redemption means nothing if I stick to one side or another.

If GOD is only an I’m ok, you’re ok….then why is redemption necessary? exactly…and the converse of that; A mad, stern, can’t wait to unleash his wrath on the world and its sin….excuse me….itsn’t there someway to bring us back?

Redemption can’t exist without one or the other. It is vital to the very nature of being redeemed, and -might I add- is not an easy place to live. Why do you think its so hard to forgive someone…or for that matter bring the story of redemption into a world that doesn’t understand the conflict…when even believers have a hard time with it.

But, this is who God is, he is the merciful lover and the hater of sin. He will not fight us for control, we cannot even give him control because he is in control, he always has been.

Today God, I repent, I trade my image of who I’d like you to be, for who you really are. Redemption exists in this beautiful TENSION.


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