Pacing culture with a red rubber ball while liberating the oppressed with the one thing you should know. What a beautiful mess.

Catalyst 06 in a nutshell.  no, that’s it.  You just read it.  Crap….I forgot the part about Jeff Foxworthy…….

Ok.  So I am still processing my reaction to everything I heard there, and it’s no easy feat.  So many times I walk away from events like this with…’hey, he was good…or oh, man…he got it right’

Today I am asking myself how.  How will I react to the ideas that challenged me?  Do I quit my job, sell all my stuff and become an amalgamation of all these great things.  Do I want to do it all because its the new cool thing for Christians to do?  A musical pioneer with a heart for social justice who inspires creativity, and takes the mission of the gospel into the workplace.  Yes and no.

For so long we have limited “doing God’s work” to the four walls where we meet on Sunday mornings.  Even though the church has embraced the ideas of and nontraditional approach and reaching out to the community, it still sometimes feels like…’that’s what we are supposed to do now’.   Well…to be honest..I am SICK and TIRED of that.  If there is one thing that resonates with me about Catalyst is that it has given me permission to react based on PASSION and not, the what is supposed to be done thing.

This is when TRUE WORSHIP happens!

We aren’t reaching people b/c that’s what we are supposed to do, we are doing it b/c that’s what we want to DO!

Every speaker I listened to there followed their passions.  Whether it was an idea or oppressed people, or even a rubber kick ball……


So I went back and I read some of my thoughts I had written from the conference, and here is one that stood out to me.

There is no clearer picture of worship than when we put our faith into action.

Where it says faith,  think trusting God with the passions he has placed in us.  Now that statement takes on a life of its own!  It becomes a mission statement for your life…It becomes……………….


So I challenge you, and myself to truly worship God from the place where faith meets passion.


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