Protect Yourself

We all go through struggles in life- it’s not an easy road. We have surprises, pain, joy, fun, anger, depressing times, annoying times, and flat out “where is my life going?” moments. But as I’ve been thinking how I can overcome these things, be positive, and truly live for God at work, at home, in my marriage, in future parenting and in friendship- I came across a podcast from Martha Fry, pastor’s wife, and Minister of Leadership Development at C3 Church. #1 way in accomplishing these things, is to not live in fear of Satan, but to protect yourself from him. Something she mentioned, that we take lightly, is that Satan wants to maim you, scratch you, bust you up a little…but he doesn’t– he wants to DESTROY you. We have to stand up against Satan and sin.

1. We have to be connected with God- everyday do what it takes to spend time with God and be alive in His Word!
2. We have to flee- run from temptation and sin, draw boundaries
3. We have to use people to help us overcome temptation- a church body, a small group, your close friends to help pull you in the light

I’m not perfect- and just because I lead people into response to God through songs doesn’t mean that I don’t get weak and fall into darkness…But I, we, must struggle towards the light of Jesus and away from darkness! I can do it, and I will sacrifice the things of this world and the things I want to be who God wants me to be, to make the choices God wants. And that starts with me guarding my heart and mind. Be encouraged that God is with you, enabling you to do it!

2 responses

  1. amen to all that! good job in continuing your blog. i have officially surrendered to the struggle. i can’t keep up with all that. besides, i don’t think there were many people reading it in the first place. i will read yours though. those are good words you wrote! for all of us.

    July 23, 2006 at 1:07 am

  2. Martha Fry

    Wow! I can’t believe you mention my sermon on your blog. I am soooo honored!! But I’m even more humbled at how God is using it to encourage people. Keep wrestling, walking, running to the light of Jesus and He will give you a life that is more awesome than you could ever imagine. Love you guys! Martha–>

    July 24, 2006 at 4:14 am

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