Lifepoint’s Official Super Bowl Sunday Kick-Off

I can’t begin to tell you how incredible our first launch service of Lifepoint Church was this past February 5th. Super Bowl Sunday proved to have 2 great kickoffs- the Seahawks and the Steelers had nothing on us! Never in a million years did I dream that Chad and I would be church planting, or even having so many amazing people on our team here in Wilmington, NC. Our volunteers worked hard setting up and tearing down at Myrtle Grove Middle School, the band played great, people seemed to be engaged and positive, the children’s ministry was lively and functioning well, and Pastor Jeff’s message was a homerun. As Chad and I continue to lead worship, we are able to see the life change that happens in others, that people are in an environment that they can connect with the living God, and especially the people God has brought into our worship team. It was a huge success and a huge win for the kingdom of God. We had approximately 308 people in attendance (give or take a few- at least 75 from our former church at Cleveland Community Church, family and friends that came to support us). Isn’t that incredible? That’s not even the best news. 9 people indicated that they prayed to receive Christ! That makes a total of 16+ people who have come to know Jesus through Lifepoint Church. We are so amazed by what God is doing and humbled to be apart of it. We celebrate who God is and what He is doing. We are only in our 3rd official week and Jeff’s doing a great series called – it’s all about how life throws us various multiple choices and how we can make the best choices that ultimately will shape our future… I pray that we never get used to seeing lives changed and people coming to know Jesus in a real and personal way. This is going to be one incredible journey…and this is only the beginning!

More good news- I got a new job as an admin asst./sales coordinator at McJunkin, which is a company that manufactures industrial piping and such…something I think I’ll enjoy much more and it will be a lot more challenging. I start Monday, so I’m excited about that. Super good news- Chad finally got a great job as an office manager for Oaks Construction and I think he’s really gonna like it there. It should be nice to have 2 incomes again and get on top of our finances. Hey, if I’m lucky maybe I can start picking up a couple classes this summer or fall.

Look for more posts either from me or Chad. Thanks to those who keep reading it, and reminding us when we need to update it. Look for more regular posts in the future.


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