Well, today is the day that is supposed to celebrate my debut into the world. 23 years of living and surviving since my origin. And I have come to this conclusion…
It is ok to not have everything figured out.

It is ok to have taken off 2+ years from school (although I do regret it sometimes). I will get there eventually and intend to finish even if it’s at snail speed. It is ok to not have your life mapped out. There is not a rule book somewhere that says you must go to elementary through high school, graduate college, get married, have kids, and know where the rest of your life is going…the best part of the journey is figuring out what to do with all that while you are following what God wants you to do. It is an exhilirating feeling. It is also ok to not get wrapped up in the tiny things in life that annoy us, get us down, or become what we would call “obstacles” that prevent us from getting to what we “think” we need or want.
Like money for instance- right now is tight, right now we’re figuring out how to balance the things we think we want with the things we need while reminding ourselves that God will provide it (aka a job for Chad). I love the conversation with a friend Donald Miller speaks of in his book “Blue Like Jazz” about trusting:

“But I need money for rent.”

“You also need to trust God.”

“I know. I just think it would be easier to trust God if I had extra money to trust Him with.”

“That would not be faith, then, would it?”

Finally, it is ok to not have God figured out. There would be no awe, no mysticalness, no authority of God’s nature if we knew everything about Him. Since we are created, that does suggest that a greater Being created us and we can’t ever fully understand that. So, just know that, “God is good, God feels, God loves, God knows all” and it is “enough to keep our hearts dwelling on His majesty and otherness forever.”

So, embrace life- drive like it’s your birthday…whatever that expression means. Does that mean just because you have a birthday you have the right to drive faster? Well, anyway, live like it’s a new birthday for you.


*thoughts and words inspired by a great writer, donald miller


2 responses

  1. THOMAS T.

    Hey guys,been missing you two BIG time.Not much going on here.Let me know when you expect to have your first LOUD! service.I would love to play and worship with the Kings again.(no pun intended)You guys are my favorite,miss you much!
    Your brother in Christ, Thomas

    December 15, 2005 at 7:40 pm

  2. Joi

    Hi Guys!
    I wanted to check out your blog even though I normally don’t get into this kinda stuff. I’m so proud of you guys for taking a step of faith with this new church. I also can’t wait to one day come and worship with you guys. I love you and miss you and I enjoyed reading all of your blogs. We’ll chat soon! Mwaa!- joi–>

    December 16, 2005 at 4:13 pm

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