I’ve Got the Power!

Yes, as of Friday November 4th, 2005…we have power (in our new apartment, that is)

Power is a funny thing. Not funny haha, but funny wierd. Maybe I should rephrase and say that we interchange the words electricity and power. And I think we do that because electricity has a ‘tangeable’ amount of power. We can see it, hear it, and most of the time…control it. Unfortunately that was not the case this past Sunday for Kyle Lake. He was the 33 yr. old pastor of UBC Waco in Texas…my sympathies…

My reason for all this is not to promote electrical safety, but more importantly the great resposibilty that power is. As Christians, we have been entrusted with a great power. We carry a message with us that can literally bring death to life. Did that come through ok….Death to Life. We were DEAD in our sin, but made ALIVE in CHRIST!

So how could a power like this bring harm….well…simply….by leaving it turned off. Keeping it to ourselves. We are commanded to share this precious gospel. And not just a religon of do this and do that but a grand epic of good vs. evil, of forgiveness and restoration…and of bringing the dead into eternal life.

Got the Power!? Flip the Switch!


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