Wholly Yours \\ Holy God

“When our depravity meets his divinity it is a beautiful collision.”

-david crowder

Two posts in one week. Am I running a fever?

GOOD NEWS!!!! I recieved the pre-release of the new David Crowder CD, A Collision, in the mail yesterday. If you want to know how, become a Sixstepsrep. I cannot begin to say how talented these guys are. If you had any question that Christian based music was stale, boring, or lacked creativity and musicianship…look no further. As for my reaction to the record, it is the Crowder we know and love but with a new twist. The CD is an album in the true sense of the word. It takes us on a journey instead of track after track of songs. But I’ll let you make your own descisions when it is released Sept. 27th.

The music did inspire me though. To be wholly God’s…What does that mean? I mean, What does that really mean??? The more and more i listened to the words of the album, i am slowly being moved to tears. Then they hit me with a remake of “I saw the light” by Hank Williams. And I realize being wholly someone elses requires a surrender. Not a surrender of the heart and mind…but a surrender of LIFE. At its essense salvation is the acceptance of the Gospel of Jesus, its forgiveness of sin and repentance. But a surrender of our lives is something most ‘christians’ including myself have a lot of trouble with, but its right there at the heart of it all. Jesus surrendered his LIFE. Does that not hit you like a ton of bricks…or a speeding Semi hitting you head on, on the highway!!….

Oh what a beautiful collision……

(to be continued)


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