Mac is Back (in Black)

Yes it’s true. My Powerbook is back. It had a long journey…but strangely…is better than ever. Never has the case latched as tight nor the screen looked as good. Maybe its just the fact that I have been w/o it for a week, or maybe its the fact that in that downtime, I forgot how cool of a computer it is (was) and now I’m like a kid with a new toy that is the “coolest” ever. At any rate, I can sleep now.

Speaking of things coming back. The color Black…You need not look any further than the new Moto Razr or any number of new cell phones to see the trend returning. It is no doubt that the “brushed metal” look started with Apple Tibook. And now Apple in a dramatic turn dropped the multi-colored iPod mini forever, and replaced it with a most worthy newbie:

apple_ipod_nano_black.jpgThe Nano. (shouldn’t there be some 2001: A Space Odyssey music playing)and it’s available in…you guessed it…Black!!!!! (All these evidences lead me to believe maybe the new mactel Powerbooks..will come in such a provocative package…one can only hope.)

So who decides these things. Who at Apple says this is our creative direction. And how do they know they are always going to be right. Is it Steve Jobs,steve-jobs-709522.jpg or a carefully select group of cutting edge thinkers. Well, whoever they are, my hats off to them. I am usually not a proponent of church + business, but in this case I can make an exception. What Apple longs to do is make money…I realize that. But their means is revolutionary. They have taken a product and fused it with our hearts. I may be reaching with this, but they not only make great products but they make them fun, exciting, beautiful, whimsical, practical, playful and best of all relational. There is definitely a “cult of Mac” amongst Mac people. Mac people are instantly drawn to each other in some kind of makeshift family. And no wonder, when products are intuitive and user friendly and “do what you want them to do” then there is less time trying to figure them out and more time sharing what you’ve done with it. Now, don’t you wish church was the same way? I do.


2 responses

  1. the cult of mac…I am in. When do we shave our head, drink some punch, and wait for the comet??? Good point. I would attend a church like that.

    September 14, 2005 at 8:08 am

  2. I know what you are saying. I am a huge mac geek myself. I am drawn to people that have macs. Maybe it is because its absolutely stupid not to use a mac in 99% of a time and we are drawn to smart people like ourselves 😉 Macs just make a good impression on me. A girl with a powerbook is 5 times hotter than with a dell.

    Ohhh and as far as the black goes….I am not so sure they will do that. I just can’t imagine black replacing white or even the metal. Especially the white. Who else in electronics even uses white? I can’t even think of one. I could possibly see them wanting to change if everyone else was doing white and they wanted to be trendsetters again and change for the sake of keeping with the more unique theme. But I just don’t see them going to all black.

    September 15, 2005 at 8:42 pm

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