HEY!!!! Everybody…we’re here, RESCUE is coming!

There are most likely a thousand pictures I could insert here, but I won’t because frankly we have all seen them already…on the net, tv, and descriptions over the radio. Being a few hundred miles away from LA…I must say that the huricanne (Katrina) did not affect me much at first. And I think if we are all being honest…you’d agree. It wasn’t until just yesterday that I started putting things together in my head. Despite all the viewpoints of why they stayed, or where they tried to go…the fact remains that they are truly stranded. It took me forever to realize that they have no way of communicating with the rest of the world. For most it as if this is the end of the world, at least as far as they know. They only know that they are seriously dying. they see police looting and people starting to kill each other, people around them committing suicide. I mean these are desperate times.

As I thought about all this I just wish someone there had a radio, or cell phone that I could call and say with a loud voice. We see you! You aren’t going unseen! Keep the faith! HEY! Everybody we’re here, RESCUE is coming! And I am so frustrated b/c I can’t. They have no way to hear me, and I have no way to reach them. No matter how much money i donate or water I send…I can’t see the faces…I can’t put my hands on their shoulders…..I can’t comfort them…I can’t hold the babies…or play with the children in the streets….and because of this..because of this seeming lack of compassion/communication they have turned against themselves and the people who are there now trying to help.

But what I can do, is pray. I can pray that somehow God will let them now that we do care, that help is coming…..he is the GREAT COMMUNICATOR. Just as God called me out of the Darkness and into his light…he rescued me…there is rescue coming for you too.


Update: I was just watching where a news reporter encountered a makeshift family of New Orleans tattoo artists and bartenders, who where trying to get out on foot. They had nothing but a makeshift shopping cart with a handful of blankets and clothes, and some cigarettes. The reporter let the girl who did the talking, use her cellphone. The girl called her father and broke into tears. He was coming to get them, her dad…a pastor in a neighboring state, jumped in the church van to come get them. God will always fiind a way to rescue his children…


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  1. Anonymous

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    September 2, 2005 at 6:45 pm

  2. Anonymous

    amen on your thoughts on the gulf coast issue. having just been there a couple months ago, it’s hard to imagine all the great food places and sites that i saw/experienced now being underwater. and then there’s the guilt that i feel because of the fantastic weather out here. i’m not sure how i could enjoy it.
    Nice van pic.


    September 2, 2005 at 10:27 pm

  3. Anonymous

    Great comments – enjoying your comments. God Bless You.

    Ohio friend–>

    September 7, 2005 at 8:12 am

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