Wil You Be My Neighbor?

So, Wednesday was an action packed day…we hit the road to Wilmington at 6am behind Jeff and Daryl, and didn’t stop till about 11:30 last night! We took the day to check out the area, do a couple job interviews, and look at some apartments. The 4 of us stopped to pray before the day got started at a Party City parking lot in the midst of a sleepy town at around 8am. There really was nobody around at that hour.

The cool thing about the job interview we each had lined up, was that while driving there, Chad got a 2nd phone call from another place he’d applied to, and the guy wanted to interview him- he seemed really nice and energetic- a landscaping company…the funny thing was that he said to Chad, “you know, I really want someone to work here that is passionate about life, and you seem very passionate about life.” Hello? Lifepoint… Just more verification that this kind of stance we’re taking in planting a LIFE-giving church, is getting contagious!! Pretty much everyone we came in contact that day seemed to be really positive and interested in Lifepoint- i think many people are searching for something but don’t know what. Gets me excited about meeting more people and pointing them to life.

We absolutely fell in LOVE with Wilmington! During the day it was brimming with some serious activity! It’s such a cool place, pretty and interesting downtown, lots of stuff to do, and plenty of apartments to look at. We did look at 2 apartment complexes and hope to look at a few more on Sat. So, my interview was at 3:30pm in the afternoon, probably THE worst time of the day to be wearing a black suit and hose…i was dripping in sweat and i was so miserable in my Sounds of Liberty getup once again, but I wanted to make a good, professional impression- you know how that goes! I hope it all works out. We know God is in control. Be praying for everything to work out with jobs and the right apartment. We can’t wait to get down there for good!


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