The Looming “3-0″

Where to start. Well the picture of me with a ‘Cousin It’ starter kit is no more. I had it all clipped, my hair – not bald just really short, on my birthday. Hum?….birthday??? That’s right Aug. 9th, Chad’s b-day…my b-day…my 29th! b-day! Wait…up in the sky, what’s that? looming like a dark cloud – the 30th b-day. (insert scary, mysterious music, like when a soap opera reveals a deep dark secret) The “you’re old enough to know better” birthday, or in my case “What are you going to do with your life?” birthday.
But isn’t that the wonderful thing about God that is so opposite of this world. I mean look at guys like Abraham….he was pretty old before God decided to use him to be the FATHER OF HIS PEOPLE! It is these instances that inspire me. I digress.
And what is the deal with cell phones and companies that provide them? It’s as if to get everything you want in regards to the balance of service/price/tech., you have to have 2 different providers with three different phones bought from 4 completely unique retailers? (I’ll let you figure that out)



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